We're proud of our Creative Academy members for going after their dreams (even the shy ones, who aren't listed publicly here). You can click on the coloured names to visit their websites. We'd love to have you JOIN US!

Donna Barker
writes fiction & non-fiction about girls who get themselves in trouble.
Eileen Cook
writes psychological thrillers and acts as a writing mentor and editor.
Crystal Stranaghan
writes children's books and non-fiction—mostly about writing and publishing.
CJ Hunt
writes kissing books set in Rivers End—some with A Touch of Magic.
Kirsten Mah
writes stories of magic and hope for children of any age (0-99).
JP McLean
writes contemporary fantasy thrillers with a taste of the supernatural.
Ken Johns
writes action adventure time travel with a hint of humor and heart.
C.C. Humphreys
writes action-packed historical novels.
M.A. Clarke Scott
writes rule-breaking romance with attitude and authenticity.
Tony Ollivier
writes high-tech thrillers with unexpected protagonists.
Marie Powell
writes children’s books, YA historical fantasy, speculative and short fiction, and poetry.
Jeremy Mathiesen
writes dark tales of adventure.
Odette Stone
writes ‘page-turning’ and passionate contemporary romance.
Kelly Charron
writes urban fantasy novels and psychological thrillers.
Mary Jane Muir
writes and illustrates children's books.
Laurel Greer
writes contemporary romance.
Elissa McColl
writes fast paced historical fiction featuring kick ass women warriors.
Karen Stranaghan
writes to capture moments and to preserve family memories.
Gregory Brown
writes award-winning short fiction.
Teddy Hester
writes contemporary romance—sweet as Teddy Cat and steamy as Teddy.
Jenn Sommersby
writes YA and women's fiction (as Eliza Gordon).
Bonnie Jacoby
writes science fiction and fantasy novels for teens.
Leslie Wibberly
writes narrative non-fiction, short stories and novels.
Liza Palmer
writes internationally bestselling novels.
Lisa Voisin
writes award-winning young adult fantasy and romance.
Bonni Goldberg
writes Kidlit historical fiction + adult non-fiction to inspire & invite.
Rena Traxel
writes contemporary YA with a touch of mystery and quirky voice-driven picture books.
Camille Cavanagh
writes historical & contemporary fiction with a focus on relationships.
WL Hawkin
writes edgy urban fantasy with a twist of murder.
Gay Merrill
writes fun, cartoon-filled educational books & workbooks.
Jennifer Browne
writes mostly non-fiction in the realm of health and wellness.
KT Litwin
writes cozy historical mysteries.
Peggi Peacock
writes speculative fiction and lists, lots of lists.
Scott Lear
writes middle grade and young adult fiction.
Alisa Luke
writes mystery/thrillers for the big screen and small.
writes YA dystopian fantasy.
Ronda Payne
writes short and long in multiple genres.
KT Wagner
writes speculative fiction with a touch of Gothic horror.
Carole Thornton
writes paranormal, fantasy and crime fiction.
Mary Robinette Kowal
writes Hugo award-winning science-fiction and historical fantasy.
Jenny Lang
writes historical fiction with a twist.
Lisa Duncan
writes non-fiction and travel memoirs.
Lily Soltani
writes literary fiction, mystery and crime fiction, and poetry.
Leanne Tremblay
writes science fiction and fantasy books for middle grades and grownups.
Angela Post
writes YA time travel stories and YA stories with fairy tale themes.
Your Name
writes something awesome and interesting.
Your Name
writes something awesome and interesting.
Your Name
writes something awesome and interesting.