Book on Fire!

Plan your book in 21 minutes-a-day for 21 days

Are you finally ready to write the book you've been thinking about?

This 21-day, 15-lesson, interactive program is your map to blast through all of the roadblocks you've put in your own way on your writer's journey.

Sometimes those blocks are virtually invisible—like a giant plexiglass wall that pops up in front of us as we're cruising along with our writing. And then BAM! There it is and we're not moving forward anymore.

Commit to doing the 15 lessons and you'll develop a commitment to get your book written that is so fierce, even a brick wall won't stop you from completing it!


Sound to good to be true?

You know it's not!

You know you've got a book in you. And, that you absolutely need to get this book written.

It's just that it's a really big project, and it's so easy to be pulled off-task when you can't see the finish line.

It's time to give yourself the tools that will help you accomplish this potentially life-changing goal of becoming a published author. Right? Right!

The beauty of these 15 exercises is that once you've done them, you'll have the plan you need to push past and through the blocks that have stopped you.

Researchers have proven that setting goals and failing to achieve them makes them harder and harder to reach. So we're going to start by reinforcing how important this book-writing goal is to you. Then, you'll prove to yourself that no matter how many times you've said, "this is the year I'll get my book done," you're now 100% ready to call yourself an author. And finally, you'll set a meaningful, no-fail, book-on-fire date to achieve whatever your own, specific book goal is.

So say, 'Yes!' to this course, say, 'Yes!' to yourself, and say, 'Hell, yes!' to your writing!


What students have said about Donna's writing courses

"Rev Up Your Confidence is an excellent course for clarifying why one writes, and what drives one to write no matter what. The exercises were creative in a different way, they stretch you. This course definitely met the goals of increasing my self-confidence as a writer."

~ Celia Lewis

"This whole experience was very positive and I'm very glad I took your course. There are many exercises that I'll use again. Even though I need confidence most of the time, the timing of the course came at rare a point when I felt I didn't need a boost. But, is my confidence boosted, in spite of myself? Yes, it is!"

~ Natasha Pow

"This course helps you sort out your inner writer's world and mind in an interesting and supportive manner. Donna is inspirational in her ability to be honest, authentic and fallible."

~ Angie Noll

"I like the quality of the video and your talks; the length is perfect and the exercises are really energizing. A nice combination of watching and acting with a pen to paper."

~ Mary Jane Muir

"The videos are fantastic - Donna has a glow, a certain confidence-inspiring aura. The design of the course is beautiful, clear and professional. I liked the exercises that take just a few minutes a day. Donna's encouragement kept participants engaged through the ten days of the course."

~ Sussu Leclerc


Here's what you'll get from, and create, as a result of participating in the Book on Fire program.

You will figure out why telling your story is so important that you have to succeed — or die trying!

Each of the 15 lessons includes a video and a detailed worksheet that will strengthen your confidence, reinforce your commitment, and give you the plan to finish and share your story so you can reach your goal of becoming an author.

You will have daily access to me, the course instructor, during the 21 days of the active course delivery.

Of course, you can do the course at your own pace, but when you enrol during special challenge months, you'll have an accountability bonus since I'll be waiting to see your daily exercises (5-a-week for 3 weeks).

You will get 6 group coaching sessions where you can talk live to me and everyone else on the call.

Group coaching sessions are a fantastic way to make sure little speed bumps don't throw you off-course. These sessions are video-based (you can choose to turn off your camera!) and everyone gets to ask questions, provide support, and develop relationships. I've become close friends with many writers I've met in other instructors' group coaching sessions!

You will become part of a supportive community of writers who are just like you — ready to get your story told!

You, and the other students in the course, will post your daily exercises to either a private Facebook group or a Slack community where you'll benefit from the encouragement and ideas of your peer learner-teachers. This community spawned real-life, accountability and writing partnerships in the previous cohort!


Your Instructor

Donna Barker
Donna Barker

The most important thing for you to know about me is that I spent ten years where you are now, thinking about and struggling to get my first book written. And, I make my living as a technical ghost-writer and curriculum developer, so getting my first novel done "should" have been easy. Right? Wrong!

Writing your first book is a special kind of challenge and it's my passion to help women (in particular) achieve this life-changing goal.

Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready to write my story! Where's the access?
Because of the importance of accountability and having someone at your back while you fan those flames of commitment to your book, this program runs four times a year with a set sign-up date. The next cohort start date will be in early 2018. Get on the wait list using this link:
When does the course start and finish?
The best way to take this course is during one of the four challenge months that run each year since you get built-in accountability and coaching. The current cohort is in-progress and will run until DECEMBER 17, 2017.
How long do I have access to the course?
If you keep up with your commitment to work on the course for 21 minutes-a-day for 21 days, you'll have lifetime access to the course (or its updated sister course). But, if you fail to engage, I may remove your from the free — but full — version of the course.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy!That's why I'm running this course for a second time in beta. Stay connected with me and let me know if you're struggling so that I can help you.

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