January 17 (List building + wide vs KDP select + Freebies)

Hey all! Here is a recording of Crystal's Strategy Session office hours from Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

Tools mentioned in this video:

  • Bookfunnel (great for distributing ARCs, also good to be part of freebie giveaway promotions with other authors to help build your list). Click here for special Creative Academy member pricing. PROTIP: You'll need the midlist author plan to participate in promo bundles and integrate your newsletter fully. Crystal uses this, so drop by office hours if you want to learn more.
  • Booksprout (helps you to get ARC readers for your books, and also can connect people to your newsletter signups. Click here for more info, or come to Crystal's office hours to learn more about how she uses it, and how it could help you.
  • SumoMe Kindle Samurai for helping find good keywords. This was mentioned by Jeremy who has used it - so hop into Ryver if you want to discuss this tool with the group.
  • KDP Tools for creating digital books (kidsbooks, textbooks etc.) that you can then upload to your KDP account. Click here to see full list of Kindle Creator Tools
  • Draft2Digital - a publishing and distribution platform. Free to sign up for an account. Lets you list and distribute your eBooks to loads of places. Great formatting tools for eBooks and some other neat stuff. Crystal uses this for permafree books and anything that is published "wide". Also sets you up to enable library pricing for your eBooks. Click here to check it out.

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Resource about the overall self publishing journey

  • Crystal's old MASTER PLAN blog post (note - this is from 2015 and currently being updated for you... most of the pieces are still valid - but I'll be sharing more updated infographics, checklists etc. over the coming weeks and months!)