"I'm more obsessed with the idea of vacation than any one particular vacation spot. I love to explore new places and cultures." ~Candice Accola

We've talked about tips to keep up your productivity, but did you know sometimes you need a break? Here at the Creative Academy, we're believers that all parts of the creative process are important. This includes taking time to fill the creative well, to relax, let your brain unwind, read, and do anything else that makes you happy.

Do you have a vacation planned for a summer? It might be time on the beach, in the mountains, at a spa or wandering ancient streets in Europe. It might be a staycation in your own neighbourhood. Whether you're jumping in a plane, in your vehicle, or into your walking shoes, challenge yourself to try a new activity, taste a new food or let yourself have a whole day where you never get out of your jammies. Sleep late, read a book outside your genre, take an afternoon just to daydream. All those experiences will impact your writing. We've got some articles to help you unwind.

Psychologists have done a lot of research into how creativity works in our minds. This post, How Taking Breaks Boosts Creativity, shares the main reasons why taking breaks can be so beneficial.

Why It's Important to Take a Creative Break From the Work You Love, is an impassioned call to see breaks as "important for both our creative souls and the soul of our creative work."

And because I am so deeply entrenched in the Medium.com community, I wanted to share some pieces from some of the people I follow on that platform.

This one was written for freelance writers but is 100% applicable to creative writers as well, Freelancers! Take a Break! Your Work Will Improve by Kitiara Pascoe.

My Much-Needed Break From Writing by Sandra Ebejer is a personal look into how she stopped feeling scared that if she stopped writing she'd lose momentum—personal and readers.

Taking a Break Can Be Good For Your Writing by Kyrie Gray talks about how she took a much-needed break from putting words on the page but never stopped her creative process.

Why We Should Pause: Reclaiming Balance in the Present by Randy Shingler is not specifically about writing; it's really about life. And it's a really good read.

And finally, in The Award I Didn't Want and Why It Made Me Quit Writing, Sam Arnold shares a story about how his daughter's hospitalization was the event that helped him realize that a good writer needs balance.

The take-away? If it's time to take a break, do so without guilt or fear that you'll somehow be losing something by stepping away from writing. From experts who research this kind of thing to writers who live it, it's quite clear that a break can be your most creative friend.

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~ Creative Advice Prompt ~

What is your idea of the perfect vacation? Paris? Mountain climbing? New York? Camping? Take a book vacation, pick a location or topic and read all about it. Non-fiction, history, fiction—it's up to you. Even if you would like to go back in time, or into space, for your holiday, when it's a book vacation you can do it!

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