"Networking is more about 'farming' than it is about 'hunting.' It's about cultivating relationships." Dr. Ivan Misner

I have to admit it—I love conferences. This is odd because 99.99999% of the time I prefer to be home with my dogs and imaginary friends. For an introvert, I make an exception for creative conferences. I love the chance to learn, reminding myself why I love writing, seeing old friends and meeting new friends.

Others love the opportunity to pitch editors or agents or are targeting an opportunity to learn a particular topic (from publishing to dialogue to screenwriting.) Then there are writers who want to combine a vacation with their conference so need to consider the destination. But there's no doubt that conferences can be expensive. So how do you know what conference to spend your hard earned money on?

We've all got favourites. Coming up June 5th, registration opens for the Surrey International Writer's Conference. If that one is on your list we'll look forward to seeing you there. But you may have another conference you're considering. How do you decide where to invest your time or money? We've collected some resources to help you out.

Steven Spatz, the president of BookBaby, shares his list of all the reasons you should invest in attending writers' conferences in this post on the Writing Cooperative, All Writers Should Be Attending Writers’ Conferences. Here’s Why.

The post Choosing the Best Writing Conference for You breaks down some great options into categories for what you hope to get from attending a conference. With many of the best US-based conferences for pitching, connecting with other writers, learning the craft, and learning the business of publishing, this is a solid list. It's missing our favourite conference, the Surrey International Writers Conference, which is so amazing you can tick all of your "must have" boxes.

~ Resources For Everyone ~

On our YouTube channel

If pitching agents and editors is something you want to do at a conference, have a listen to the advice Eileen pulled from her own agent, Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Agency. How to pitch and work with an agent.

In our free Resource Room

Make sure your work is ready to submit to that agent or editor since you'll wow them with your pitch! Eileen's Revisions Checklist provides a great roadmap to help you make sure your pages are pitch-ready.

~ For Creative Academy Members ~

New in our Members' Only community

Crystal's May 20th Strategic Author session was a deep dive into audiobooks—including different launching and promotion ideas and how audiobooks are different from ebooks when it comes to marketing them.

In Eileen's May 22nd Happy Hour session they did a deep dive on character arc and change, looking at wants, wounds, belief and actions that motivated change over the course of the story, using one member's story as the case study.

And in Donna's May 23rd, never-recorded Author on Fire Mastermind group we put our hearts, minds and collective experience together to support members with decision-making around whether to attend an awards gala (heck, yeah and kudos to Mary Ann Clarke Scott for being nominated for a Next Generation Indie Book Award); how to manage three writing projects at once; and where to find beta readers quickly (right here, baby!).

Office hours, writing sprints and special topic gatherings

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~ Creative Advice Prompt ~

Before you plunk down your hard earned moola on any conference, take the time to write out everything you'd like to get from the conference. Then rank order these in order of importance. Then do a search of writer's conferences and determine which one's best meet your needs.

Eileen, Crystal, and Donna