"I've found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often." Brian Tracy

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and we're wishing all of you lots of good luck in the coming year. May you be buried (just up to your chin) in four leaf clovers!

Publishing can be a fickle business. I once was told, writing is a craft, but publishing is a casino. I've never forgotten that advice. Unlike some other industries, there is no denying that luck plays a part in why some books take off and others don't. But luck is also what we make of it. Our willingness to keep trying knowing that odds favour the persistent. There are some studies that looked at how people who perceived themselves as lucky were more likely to spot opportunities than individuals who thought they had bad luck.

We've collected some articles on luck you might find interesting.

A lovely and short essay about How to be lucky in which Karen Rivers, author of middle grade novels, shares how luck helped her write a recent book.

Is success in the writing industry all a matter of luck? Spoiler alert: author and highly experienced rejectee, Daniella Levy thinks so.

And our last word on luck comes from The Guardian, Feeling lucky: How important is luck to career success? IT's a bit longer and has some social science to back up claims including four principles of luck identified by Professor Richard Wiseman—a psychologist and ex-magician!

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If you've not met Angela Ackerman yet, this is the time and place! Angela is the co-author of the bestselling Writers Thesaurus guides and she and Crystal talk about the upsides and challenges of writing collaboratively. Obviously more positives than negatives with 7 co-authored books under her belt!

Put two funny people behind a video camera and ask them to talk about writing humor for kids... what could be more entertaining? Join YA and MG author Susin Nielsen and Eileen as they share pearls of wisdom about being funny for kids.

Constance Mears and Donna talk about the vulnerabilities that come with writing memoir and how to write honestly even when it's scary.

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In Eileen's Happy Hours this week she talked about how to create an elevator pitch for your story because being able to concisely describe your story for readers, editors, agents, booksellers and librarians is key. And, as luck would have it, discussed the elements of luck in the publishing world and what science can tell us about lucky people.

Crystal made it back after an unexpected break. She did hold office hours on Wednesday but as of this writing, that file is not yet live. Fear not! Think of this office hours as you would a Kinder Surprise... open the egg and see what fun is inside!

Donna and the merry band of mastermind authors on fire talked about breaking goals into small enough chunks to not feel overwhelming, honing website copy, and how to deal with editorial feedback that doesn't feel quite right. Join us next week!

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How does your main character feel about luck? Do they perceive themselves as lucky? Why or why not?

Eileen, Crystal and Donna