Stories are the shortest distance between us and truth. So when we understand and uncover these stories, we gain the opportunity to understand maybe we need a new story.” ~Chris Cade

One of the most exciting changes in publishing in the past decade has been the rise of indie publishing. Regardless of whether you want to indie publish, go traditional or do a hybrid of the two, it's important to understand the business we're in as authors. The days when people assumed that "indie published" meant "not able to land a traditional publisher" are, thankfully, behind us. Understanding the pros and cons of all your publishing options is part of your job now.

If you're a member of the Creative Academy, make sure you're attending Crystal's office hours to get up-to-date answers to all your indie publishing questions and Eileen's office hours to get tips and support to becoming and being a traditionally published author.

Despite the fact that this post has me humming Olivia Newton John and feeling sad that I wasn't cool enough to wear leggings with high heels, Here's How Digital Self-Publishing Has Changed Over The Last 3 Years is a good read about indie published author, David Gaughran's success and his book Let's Get Digital. (You're welcome!)

Need some evidence that indie publishing is mainstream and a fully legit way to get your book into readers' hands? Publisher's Weekly interviewed indie-run book store owners and asked how they work with indie authors. There are some good tips for first time authors in The Indie Author—Indie Book Seller Relationship Warms Up.

Do you know what the One Thing You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish? If not, this lovely post by Sarra Cannon will help you out!

And, last but not least is one of our favourite indie inspirators, Mark Dawson. If you don't subscribe to his podcast, The Self-Publishing Show, you really should. Truly.

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Nothing newly uploaded this past week, but we do have several conversations close to ready to share! If you've not checked out all the videos yet have a look at the two playlists connected to publishing — Self-publish your book: Getting your indie book out in the world and Connect with readers: Marketing and promoting your book.

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No matter how far along you are with your manuscript, it's never too early to think about how you'd like to share your book with readers. We have lots of resources to get you pondering about your publishing options. You'll find 10 Steps to Indie Publish a Novel, 16 Week Indie Publishing Timeline, KDP Print Vs CreateSpace Comparison, Questions to Ask an Agent When You Get THE CALL... and more right here in the free Resource Room.

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We launched a drop-in Mastermind group this past week. This is the place to come if you're facing down a snarling writing, revising, or submitting goal and need some support from the broader community. In our first meeting we untangled some resistance to agent querying and to launching a website, shared resources for helping with plotting, had fun and were helpful!

At the request of members, these mastermind meetings will not be recorded since nobody really wants to have their vulnerable moments captured and replayed. We're using the Cement Your Commitment team in Glip to record goals and share resources. So join the team and come to the Thursday morning meetings.

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It was great to see so many of you (31 members and guests!) at our first quarterly retreat. If you didn't have a chance to attend, no worries, we recorded it for you and you can find it right here. Be sure to set your own champagne milestones and share them in the Celebrate Your Success team in Glip so we can cheer you on (or give you a kick in the butt) to reaching those goals in 2019. As we talked about in the session this is the year to BE BOLD! BE AUDACIOUS! You don't know what you'll achieve unless you reach for it.

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Writing is all about sharing a story that is important to us. If your character was going to write a book what would it be about? Consider if it would be non-fiction or fiction. Write a back-of-the-book description and what your main character (the book's author) would say inspired them to write it.

Eileen, Crystal and Donna