"Approach the new year with the resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day." ~ Michael Josephson

It's almost the time of year when you won't be able to get onto your favourite machine at the gym because everyone who never goes will be there as a part of their resolution to get fit this year. We might make fun of New Year resolutions (and how easy it is to forget them by the time February comes around) but the process can be helpful in setting clear goals and targets for the coming year.

What does 2019 hold for you? What will you do with that time? Here we believe that dreaming big is important and even more important is planning to make those dreams a reality. We're here to help you — but you've got to set the goal.

Here are some ideas to help you.

Step One is easy: set your intention. But if you don't implement Steps two through Ten, you're not giving your goal it's best shot at success. In 10 Sure Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution, Psych Central shares some good advice.

If ten ideas isn't enough, Jeff Goins has got 17 daily habits to consider adding to your routine to help you become the writer you know you can be. Check them out in his post, 17 New Year's Resolutions for Writers.

But wait... what if Step One isn't easy and you're not sure what to set as a writing resolution for 2019? Have a read of 13 New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Authors.

~ New this week ~

Well, with all the holiday shenanigans this past week, we didn't get anything new uploaded to our free Resource Room or to the YouTube channel. But if you're jonesing for some learning, there must be something you've not yet watched or read!

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New in our Members' Only community

Eileen held an interesting conversation about how to use the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator to help build rich and interesting characters in her December 26 Happy Hour session. Check it out here.

Crystal showed folks how to use Asana to keep track of all the tasks that writers could and perhaps, should, be tracking and scheduling in her Strategic Author session. Start watching at 23:30 for a rich tutorial. Check that one out here.

Office hours, writing sprints and special topic gatherings

Just a reminder that Office Hours and Sprints are cancelled for Jan 1, but the writing room is available for anyone who is ready to start of the New Year by getting those words in!

TIME CHANGE for Crystal's Office Hours

Crystal is changing the time of her Monday, Branding and Author Strategy sessions to 11:00am, starting on January 7. Update your calendars (if you subscribe to the Creative Academy calendar we've already updated it for you!)

Her December 31 office hours will still be at 9:00am.

Timely classics to check out

Planning out your year? Have you read The Strategic Author's Project Plan in the Creative Academy?

A positive vision might be just what you need heading into 2019. Check out the Writing Your Dream Book Reviews in the Creative Academy.

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~ Creative Advice Prompt ~

Around here we've been doing a lot to prep for 2019 — setting out some big audacious goals for ourselves and our writing. Now turn to your character — what would they like to change about themselves? What resolutions might they make? Then consider the people around them — would they agree that what your character has chosen to work on is what they should be working on?

Eileen, Crystal and Donna