Anyone else enjoy cranking up the music when they're home alone and busting out their best moves? What Eileen calls dancing looks a lot like Donna having a seizure 😳— but there's no doubt music can move us. There's a reason that movies have a soundtrack in the background — it adds to the emotion of a scene.

Why not harness that musical power to help you write? Years ago, Eileen downloaded several film soundtracks and started playing things like the theme to Indiana Jones when she was writing a high action chase scene, and the Imperial March from Star Wars when she wanted to write a scene with a lot of dread.

There are many writers who create playlists to go with their books. Crystal, for instance, likes to have a theme song for each book she writes — something to get her into her characters' mindset and set the mood for the story. Check out the songs she played on repeat while writing the books in her Rivers End series.

We've found some resources for you to try out using music to help you write.

Who better to get playlist tips from than... a high schooler? And that's what we've got for you in this Hello Giggles article called, How To Make the Perfect Playlist for Any Occassion. (Fear not — she's not actually giving specific music advice. Because that kind of music help from a 15-year-old is something no sane adult needs!)

This post is really interesting, not just from a "Hey, I'm feeling angry/confused/stressed/lonely, I wonder what music would be good for me now," perspective, but wearing your writer hat. Wonder what your character should be listening to when she meets "the one" or later when "the one" turns out to be a dog? These Songs For Every Mood can help you with that, too. (I think I'll stream some Lily Kershaw... any idea how I'm feeling right now?)

Not thrilled with your writing progress at this moment? Feeling kind of blue? Well, according to researchers, listening to sad music can make us feel less gloomy, more animated, and inclined to dance (or shake like a fiend!). And if you're not at your desk, you might as well grab a broom and sweep to the sweet sounds of any few of these 33 Beautiful, Emotional Songs.

And finally, YA author Annie Cardi shares her tips for creating A Personalized Soundtrack for Your Novel. (Hmm... my work-in-progress is screaming for some Bad Brains, some Misfits, and some Social Distortion... looks like it's gonna be a rowdy evening in the Barker household).

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~ Creative Prompt ~

Time for you to create a playlist (or two.) Either create a general writing playlist of songs that get you in the mood to get words on the page or create a playlist for your current work-in-progress. What songs match you book?


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