Canada had its Thanksgiving in October and for peeps in the US it's coming up next week. As an official dual citizen, Eileen celebrates both because she has a lot to be thankful for... and pie. Oh, and stuffing. How she loves her stuffing.

Writing can be hard, which is why it can be good to pause once and awhile to be thankful for the things that are going well. While it is great to look forward toward your goals and reach for them, it's also good to look around and enjoy where you are on each step of the journey. We are so grateful for all of you in the Creative Academy — for sharing your writing and your positive vibes. We are growing an amazing community and we're so glad you're a part of it.

In the Thanksgiving spirit of being grateful, we've pulled together some resources for you.

We love our author and writer peers more than we love chocolate and wine — not that we ever want to have to choose between any of these things. And showing our gratitude to all of the people who've helped us reach our writing goals is something we try to do regularly. But if you're new(er) to this world and don't know How to Show Your Gratitude to Other Writers, Maria Chatzi has a wonderful post about just that.

Now, if the idea of connecting acts of gratitude to having fewer colds, making you feel more connected to others, and just generally more joyful is new to you, Tiny Buddha has a tiny blog post that share simple tips to help you start feeling more grateful more often. Have a read of The Secret to Happiness: 5 Tips to Feels More Grateful and Blissful.

And if you're a bit skeptical about this whole "gratitude thing," have a look at this article on the Forbes website, which is about as unBuddhist as one can be — and still supports the science of gratitude in their piece called 8 Ways to Have More Gratitude Every Day.

In our free Resource Room

Have you written your own writer's manifesto? Creating your own, personal manifesto will force you, in a fun way, to examine your motivations as a writer. Writing a manifesto will not only help you keep your eye on the prize (a published book?), it's like a series of little gratitude statements all woven together into a powerful call-to-action. You'll thank yourself for making time to create your own writer's manifesto.

If there's a resource you're looking for, send an email to [email protected] and let us know what that is. We love to be helpful here in the Creative Academy so help us to help you!

~ For Creative Academy Members ~

A few writers we're grateful to call members

Have you seen this master class with Emily Madill? It's on how to avoid burnout and thrive in your creative business.

One of the many things we're grateful for is the chance to read pages from our members' works-in-progress through our Blue Pencil critiques. Last week we uploaded two new critiques: #6, a historical fiction picture book, and #8, a YA historical fiction. (Lucky #7 was a rebel and snuck in the week before!). Have a look and then submit your own pages.

Are you feeling blue? Maybe red?

Members of the Creative Academy can submit pages of their manuscript for a Blue Pencil review and query letters to agents for a Red Pencil critique. We have two new Blue Pencils this week — one is in the YA Historical genre, the other is a Historical Fiction picture book! Check them out and then submit your own pages.

Are you needing a NaNo boost? Or some commiseration from people who understand?

Once-a-week until December 6, we're hosting an online mastermind meeting to help you stay focused on your writing milestones, to cheer on your successes, and to offer ideas to help you face down any negative inner critic talk. Check out the first three meetings here then join the conversation and accountability support in the Glip NaNoWriMo team.

And even if you're not participating in NaNoWriMo or you're a NaNo rebel, you are still 100% welcome in the Mastermind group. Come and soak up the positive energy.

*Still pretty shiny and NEW* member-driven writing sprint room!

Our member-driven, writing sprint room is being used at the oddest of hours, which makes us very happy! If you can't make it to our regularly scheduled, daily sprints, you now have full control over when sprints take place. And odds are that once you let folks know you're there, someone will join you. No writer left behind!

The log-in details for the Member-launched writing sprint room are in the main Glip team — ALL TCA MEMBERS.

Creative Academy Book Club!

Our first meeting was a ton of fun. We've chosen our November title and December meeting date. We'll be reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and discussing this YA title on Monday, December 17 at 7PM Pacific. Get all the details in the Book Club team in RingCentral.


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