Writing and publishing is amazing, but it's also hard. And you have demands on your time. Here's the thing — you're going to need help. That might mean trading pages with another writer for feedback, paying for an editor, getting cover design tips from a professional, trading babysitting with another parent down the street so you can get some dedicated writing time in. What's important is that you don't feel like you have to do everything yourself. That road leads to burnout.

You may be in a position to pay for supports — including a housekeeper who keeps your place clean so you can focus on writing instead of cleaning (please let me hire this person someday) or paying for coaching and support to reach your writing goals or create your author website. You may have to budget and make some difficult financial choices about where you spend your money to get that help. I've long since accepted I can't afford every craft book and conference I want to attend. I have to choose.

If you don't have extra funds — don't despair. You may be able to get the help you need by trading or bartering with others who have skills or time to assist. The important thing is to identify where you need the help and bringing in the best you can.

In the spirit of being helpful, we've pulled together some resources for you.

From The Author Biz podcast comes a conversation about when it's the right time to hire an author assistant and what an author assistant can do for you. Have a listen to Is it time to consider an author assistant for your author biz?

Worried about the cost of hiring an author assistant? We get it! But done at the right time and with the right person, that assistant can pay for herself. This BookBub article goes into the details about How Hiring an Author Assistant Can Boost Book Sales.

Pretty sure you're not ready to be dishing dollars for support? Believe in karma and that what goes around comes around? Here's a nice piece from the ever-helpful Writers Helping Writers site called, We're in this together: How to help other authors succeed.

And last, because we think it's the most, our growing community of Creative Academy members are helping each other in every area on the winding path or publication that you can think of. Sometimes the help is direct (like swapping critiques and promoting new releases) and sometimes it's a link to a resource or a word of wisdom. We're a friendly group and we'd love to share what we know and hear what you have to offer!

New this week in our free Resource Room

We haven't posted anything new in the Resource Room this past week, but what's there is all very helpful! And free!

You'll find business and planning resources; inspiration, motivation, and accountability ideas; writing resources; editing resources; publishing resources; and marketing and promotion resources.

If there's a resource you're looking for, reply to this email and let us know what that is. We love to be helpful here in the Creative Academy so help us help you!

~ For Creative Academy Members ~

Have you seen the Glip Teams on trading & purchasing services?

We have so many great resources in this Academy! Go onto Glip/RingCentral and check out the teams where you can trade services (I'll read your pages if you read mine) and/or purchase help in specific areas. And please share with others if you've gotten great service from someone — we can always use those recommendations.

Are you feeling blue? Maybe red?

Members of the Creative Academy can submit pages of their manuscript for a Blue Pencil review and query letters to agents for a Red Pencil critique. We have two new Blue Pencils this week — one is in the YA Historical genre, the other is a Historical Fiction picture book! Check them out and then submit your own pages.

Are you needing a NaNo boost? Or some commiseration from people who understand?

Once-a-week until December 6, we're hosting an online mastermind meeting to help you stay focused on your writing milestones, to cheer on your successes, and to offer ideas to help you face down any negative inner critic talk. Check out the first meeting here then join the conversation and accountability support in the Glip NaNoWriMo team.

And even if you're not participating in NaNoWriMo or you're a NaNo rebel, you are still 100% welcome in the Mastermind group. Come and soak up the positive energy.

*Still pretty shiny and NEW* member-driven writing sprint room!

Our member-driven, writing sprint room is being used at the oddest of hours, which makes us very happy! If you can't make it to our regularly scheduled, daily sprints, you now have full control over when sprints take place. And odds are that once you let folks know you're there, someone will join you. No writer left behind!

The log-in details for the Member-launched writing sprint room are in the main Glip team — ALL TCA MEMBERS.

Creative Academy Book Club!

Our first meeting was a ton of fun. We've chosen our November title and December meeting date. We'll be reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and discussing this YA title on Monday, December 17 at 7PM Pacific. Get all the details in the Book Club team in RingCentral.


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