We're here to talk about clean spaces today. People debate about if you need a clean office to get writing done or if some amount of clutter is actually helpful. We can't help resolve that debate but we do have tips about another kind of clutter that is never helpful:

Negative thoughts.

All the "I'll never be any good," "I can't write this story," "I'll never reach my writing goals" critical voices in your head. Those are things that you definitely do not need cluttering up your mental space.

To help you with that we've found some articles for you.

Seven Ways to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts from Pick The Brain provides short, clear and relatively easy approaches to banishing the beast called Inner Critic.

Here's a bit of a mind-bender for writers who have negative thoughts — How Writing Helps to Overcome Negative Thoughts from The Writer's Co-op in Medium.

If you love deep dives into science and psychology, and you're here in the Procrastinator's Paradise to do something productive but not quite writing, this is the article for you! How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts From Your Life Once and For All from Conscious Lifestyle magazine.

And finally, if you missed the Marie Kondo craze (or your life changing tidy-up was so long ago that the magical sparkles are hidden under papers and dust) here's some solid advice to help you Organize Your Desk and Decrease Clutter.

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