With conference season comes the opportunity to pitch your manuscript to editors and agents. And of course, any season is the right one to send an email query.

But it can be scary to put yourself and your work out there, so here at the Creative Academy we've been doing some practice pitching with our members and we've gathered some tips from around the web to help you prepare.

Five Steps to Prep Your Pitch — the title of this post does not do justice to the fabulous content. Author Toni Adeyemi uses her own conference pitch experience to frame the tips and shares lots of questions you should be prepared to answer.

Four Questions to Ask an Agent at Pitch Session — a short piece that doesn't just give you four more questions you need to be able to answer an agent, but how an agent might interpret it if you can't answer them.

An Agent's Take on How To Pitch — tips from the incomparable Jane Friedman. Just read it!

And speaking of incomparables... our very own Eileen Cook has prepared a detailed cheat sheet and a pitching tutorial for you, both called Things to Ask an Agent When You Get "The Call."

  • The cheat sheet is available in our free Resource Room — just sign-up to get access.
  • The video tutorial is for Creative Academy members only.

Also for members, if you'd like to practice your agent pitch live with Eileen 'wearing-an-agent's-hat' Cook, let her know in Glip and she'll get you scheduled into an upcoming office hours.

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